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  • Naidely Moreno Yupanqui
    Naidely Moreno Yupanqui7 часов назад

    amo cuando Wonho habla de Shownu xd gran cancion me encanta <3<3<33

  • yuu
    yuu7 часов назад

    God damn💜

  • Hello, I'm Yoon's Iconic Bangs
    Hello, I'm Yoon's Iconic Bangs7 часов назад

    At this point im turning straight.

  • Cristina Bautista
    Cristina Bautista7 часов назад

    joohoneywalker te amo gracias por inspirarme

  • Jooheon MX
    Jooheon MX7 часов назад

    Monbebes are you ready for the comeback 😃

  • 츄힁
    츄힁7 часов назад

    수트에 치이고 표정에 치이고 그냥 다 치였다.. 너무 좋아..

  • Putra Lestari
    Putra Lestari7 часов назад

    Yg denger pas era 2011 ada ga sih?

  • saiko
    saiko7 часов назад

    This masterpiece deserves better

  • cindy marisel vargas
    cindy marisel vargas7 часов назад

    Alguien 2021?

  • Salma Nabila
    Salma Nabila7 часов назад

    Also minhee always minhee

  • Salma Nabila
    Salma Nabila7 часов назад

    Wonjin always wonjin

  • Ivannia
    Ivannia7 часов назад

    I have always wondered why a reptilian eye on I.M.

  • No ju
    No ju7 часов назад

    Dawon my love

  • 모두가행복해졌으면 좋겠다
    모두가행복해졌으면 좋겠다7 часов назад

    하 진짜 너무 좋다..

  • Tiong Jie Ying
    Tiong Jie Ying7 часов назад

    I miss OT13

  • support and stream WENDY SOLO
    support and stream WENDY SOLO7 часов назад


  • Calebe Almeida
    Calebe Almeida7 часов назад

    I love how starship completely ignored the units formed during their pre-debut

  • sumin kim
    sumin kim7 часов назад

    음색 진짜 보석이야...

  • Bong Binoya
    Bong Binoya7 часов назад

    It's 2021. Who else is watching? Ommo 😍 the guitarist plus this version 🧡

  • choco chip
    choco chip7 часов назад

    Was she from sistar?

  • v a l
    v a l8 часов назад

    The kings ✨

  • 小宇宙
    小宇宙8 часов назад

    woooooooo WJSN I LOVE YOU FOREVER❤️❤️❤️

  • Army BTS7
    Army BTS78 часов назад

    I'm in love with this song 🥺💜

  • 손현좌우
    손현좌우8 часов назад

    진짜 손혀누 러브킬라는 미쳤어 내가 입덕 할만해

  • Langers RubyRed
    Langers RubyRed8 часов назад

    머니게임 보고 왔습니다. 네.. 가보겠습니다.

  • SeulRene and I Were Secret Gays
    SeulRene and I Were Secret Gays8 часов назад

    *EunBo* 😭

  • Rupal
    Rupal8 часов назад

    When will we have this back?????

  • Dong Sicheng
    Dong Sicheng8 часов назад

    you are all so dangerous i cant-

  • Masi Pinguino
    Masi Pinguino8 часов назад

    Los vi por primera vez en Hello82 con esta cancion y me gustó.... pero cuando los vi en el programa de Super Junior Idol vr Idol.... me terminaron enamorando por sus personalidades.

  • Rj Yuggy
    Rj Yuggy8 часов назад

    Rebellious sister of Chocome.

  • yu zhao
    yu zhao8 часов назад


  • Steve C
    Steve C8 часов назад


  • Đoàn Đôn
    Đoàn Đôn8 часов назад

    It's R&B type beat i guess. Can't wait for this unit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • justin 98
    justin 988 часов назад

    Seola ❤

  • Naidely Moreno Yupanqui
    Naidely Moreno Yupanqui8 часов назад

    cada vez que escucho esta cancion me dan unas ganas de bailar<3<3<3 les deseo mucha suerte y muchisimo mas exito chicos, los amo <3<3<3<3

  • azi todorosuki
    azi todorosuki8 часов назад

    missing i.m hours

  • [CACTUS69] Jam잼
    [CACTUS69] Jam잼8 часов назад

    ‧⁺◟( ಥ ·̫ ಥ ): 가사 한 마디 한 마디로 우리에게 노래하고 말하는 것이 마음입니다. 주헌이 너 그리고 너의 진심어린 마음 감동이야~💚 it's the heart that sings and speaks to us in every word of the lyrics. Jooheon is a pure emotions and feelings. ‧⁺◟( ಥ ·̫ ಥ )💚

  • min stay
    min stay8 часов назад


  • November Rain
    November Rain8 часов назад

    Monsta X - the prophecy of it's own name: one member became an X, there are just MONSTA now...but the ending is them all together and complete MONSTA X

  • Tata
    Tata8 часов назад

    Pertamakali denger lagunya tuh biasa...waktu udah putar 2 kali beuh gila gue baru sadar lagu ini aestetik...ketukannya tuh jarang Nemu di lagu lain. Terus nggak terlalu berisik,

  • Anne Acosta
    Anne Acosta8 часов назад

    Sí internauta, Son los mismos De "Hero"

  • horatio
    horatio8 часов назад

    Love the girls but dang where's dawon 🤔😭 dawwwoooooo

  • Sara Ellis
    Sara Ellis8 часов назад

    at 3:15 hyungwon looks like prince charming

  • 야옹이
    야옹이8 часов назад

    여기에 뼈를 묻겠습니다

  • Dany Gom
    Dany Gom8 часов назад

    Monbebe let’s make this 50m before debuted anniversary

  • Beanie for 猫猪
    Beanie for 猫猪8 часов назад

    Have they announce the debut date?

  • Beanie for 猫猪
    Beanie for 猫猪8 часов назад

    @elbeppi yasss thank you!!

  • elbeppi
    elbeppi8 часов назад

    May 12!

  • Beanie for 猫猪
    Beanie for 猫猪8 часов назад

    Holy crap

  • [CACTUS69] Jam잼
    [CACTUS69] Jam잼8 часов назад

    This is included in my top 5 best of Jooheon. Because this piece is not only about angst, dissing or telling idols hard life behind cameras. It shares relateable insights about never let other people dictate how your life is going to be, do what you want to do...keep the passion burning and reach your goal. impossibilities are possible. He's a living legend to tell his success story along with MonstaX as a group. I mean, to me he is a true ARTIST. 133 songs produced. 👏🏻 He's very versatile and to think he can also sing. Go see Justin Burke a vocal coach review his cover song. hehehe.

  • Micaela Mariana Olguin Torres
    Micaela Mariana Olguin Torres8 часов назад

    Monsta x es lo mejor

  • Handayani Diary
    Handayani Diary8 часов назад

    OMG 😍😍😍😘🥰🥰🥰🥰

  • Xfantasia Monsta x
    Xfantasia Monsta x8 часов назад


  • gabriela 86
    gabriela 868 часов назад

    FOLLOW necesita menos de 20k para llegar a los 38M ♡ Podemos hacer que llegue hoy monbebes! Vamos!!!

  • Xfantasia Monsta x
    Xfantasia Monsta x8 часов назад

    Vamos !!

  • Agnė Čibirkaitė
    Agnė Čibirkaitė8 часов назад

    I keep coming back here for the past 3 months and each time I get more and more impressed. I have no plans to stop :p

  • Brigueth Nahiret Espinoza Hurtado
    Brigueth Nahiret Espinoza Hurtado8 часов назад

    Hay que lindo ya llegamos a los 40m, no tuve internet por unos días, estoy muy feliz, Monbebe son [email protected] mejores <3

  • Wen Junhui
    Wen Junhui8 часов назад

    The vocals in this song are immaculate

  • 루살카
    루살카8 часов назад

    우와 형원이 볼려고 클릭햇는데 주허니밖에 안보임 리얼 개날렵하고 근육맨ㄷㄷ 존멋이야....

  • Glaiza Baratas
    Glaiza Baratas8 часов назад

    I'm not a fan of them but i like this song so much

  • LuvityloveCravityforever
    LuvityloveCravityforever8 часов назад

    Wow can't wait

  • 메딘갓코리아
    메딘갓코리아8 часов назад

    멋쁘다 우주소녀 더 블랙~ 👍😃😍

  • sudsaimai seeduean
    sudsaimai seeduean8 часов назад


  • gabriela 86
    gabriela 868 часов назад

    Joohoney ♡

  • Xfantasia Monsta x
    Xfantasia Monsta x8 часов назад

    Hermoso ♡.♡

  • gabriela 86
    gabriela 868 часов назад

    Puedo escucharla todo el día sin cansarme ♡

  • Javier Coromac
    Javier Coromac8 часов назад

    MOMBEBE haz str3am a sus videos, ellos merecen más que solo 1 millon de vistas, sus canciones son geniales y con un gran significado, yo sé que podemos hacer más de 34M, ¿que dices? Hacemos batalla de Str3am 😄

  • Lil mess
    Lil mess8 часов назад

    For me it feels like this time the makeup artist and hair stylist didn’t do so well this time... Seola’s eye makeup makes her eyes look droopy and her eyelids look like it tripled. Bona looks quite swollen somehow. (In the black outfit concept especially.) It kinda looks like they still haven’t found the best hair style to fit Eunso’s face shape and they matched the eyebrow color with the hair color in a weird way.

  • Naomi Estrada
    Naomi Estrada8 часов назад

    Por fin, estoy feliz, ayer no estuve porque me quedé sin internet pero aaaa que bonito

  • Jacqueline MM
    Jacqueline MM8 часов назад

    Jooheon es muy talentoso, hace canciones hermosas :'(

  • Fighr
    Fighr8 часов назад

    Proud of you Kihyun

  • فان لبائعي المليونيه في جاون نيويست
    فان لبائعي المليونيه في جاون نيويست9 часов назад

    ملكات متحمسين للعوده

  • Naomi Estrada
    Naomi Estrada9 часов назад

    Desde siempre han Sido tan talentosos mis niños <³

  • Georgiana Andreea Radu
    Georgiana Andreea Radu9 часов назад

    We demonstrate again that we are the coolest fam!

  • Xfantasia Monsta x
    Xfantasia Monsta x9 часов назад

    Buen día!!! Monbebe

  • Xfantasia Monsta x
    Xfantasia Monsta x8 часов назад

    @gabriela 86 ♡.♡

  • Xfantasia Monsta x
    Xfantasia Monsta x8 часов назад

    @Brigueth Nahiret Espinoza Hurtado ♡.♡

  • gabriela 86
    gabriela 868 часов назад

    Buen día!

  • Brigueth Nahiret Espinoza Hurtado
    Brigueth Nahiret Espinoza Hurtado8 часов назад

    buen día para ti también :)

  • Naomi Estrada
    Naomi Estrada9 часов назад

    Ayer no puede estar cuendo llegaron a los 40 :( pero gracias a lxs que estuvieron .<3

  • k k
    k k9 часов назад


  • Eunseol
    Eunseol9 часов назад


    SASSYNESS9 часов назад

    Wjsn black sub unit look so good queen's 👑👑✨👑✨👑👑✨✨

  • 아지TV
    아지TV9 часов назад

    1번보고 충격받고 2번보고 뮤비내용 이해됐다

  • stanley rampai
    stanley rampai9 часов назад


  • kyu
    kyu9 часов назад

    I was waiting for this unit since they performed “Blow”. Kinda sad to see Dawon’s not here :/

  • AtuN PaNdA
    AtuN PaNdA8 часов назад instinct that dawon n yeonjeung will do next subunit together just in time. Their main vocalist are waiting for their turn. And we have to wait patiently 😉😍

  • Dean TM
    Dean TM8 часов назад

    hope that she will be on their last unit.. a vocal duo with Yeonjung..

  • gabriela 86
    gabriela 869 часов назад