[Special Clip] 우주소녀(WJSN) - 잊지마(나의우주)


Artist : 우주소녀 (WJSN)
Song : 잊지마(나의우주)
Release date : 2021.03.31 6PM

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  • Andz Studio
    Andz StudioДень назад

    Jadi serasa lagu terakhir dari WJSN😭

  • Rob Ethereal
    Rob EtherealДень назад

    One of the best b side song I've heard 💓💓👍

  • Sa iDz
    Sa iDz2 дня назад

    very good, we need more stuff like this ❤️

  • 규병수
    규병수3 дня назад

    우주소녀 발라드곡

  • afa n
    afa n3 дня назад

    can we make it 100k

    BLAKETOPIA4 дня назад

    I wanna cry for this song.

  • 쥬쥬에요
    쥬쥬에요5 дней назад

    미쳤다 미쳤다 미쳤다 미쳤다 미쳤다 미쳤다 미쳤다 미쳤다 우리 메보들 미쳤다 진짜ㅠㅠㅠ 이쁘고 노래잘하고 다하네 킹갓그레이트제네럴엠페러아이돌 중의 아이돌 우소다

  • Zuriel Domingo
    Zuriel Domingo5 дней назад

    Soobin is one of the best vocalists in the industry right now. She can perhaps be ranked no. 3 next to Taeyeon and IU.

  • j
    j6 дней назад

    their vocals 😭😭

  • 빛을내루다
    빛을내루다6 дней назад

    드라마 ost같다ㅠㅠ 다영 다원 연정 수빈 목소리 너무 예쁘다ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

  • wfk jiho
    wfk jiho7 дней назад

    Saebyeogi naeryeowa tteooreuneun byeolbichi Nae du boreul gamssamyeon geudael naege bichunda Eoneu gose isseodo jeoldae byeonhaji anheul Challanhi binnaneun geudaeran byeol Gidarime na geudael manna Dasi ireonal su isseo Itji ma butjabeun du soneul Eotteon apeumdo uril noheul sun eopseo Neoeui modeun sungan Eoduun bame tto ijеobeoril kkumcheoreom Byеori jilkka duryeowo Sesangeui kkeuteseo banjjagineun nunbichi Nae du nuneul gamssamyeon naeui momeun tteoolla Jjalbeun bame jichyeodo jeoldae kkeojiji anheul Yeongwonhi binnaneun geudaeran byeol Gidarime na geudael manna Dasi ireonal su isseo Itji ma butjabeun du soneul Eotteon apeumdo uril noheul sun eopseo Neoeui modeun sungan Eoduun bame tto ijeobeoril kkumcheoreom Byeori jilkka duryeowo Nan maeil gati neoreul manna Kkumsogeseo nae aneseo maeil gati neoreul ana Rewind challanhan gieokdeureun naeui wian Gin bam uri dasi manna byeoreul seeo Jiteun eodumi gamssado naega Neol chajeul su itge Itji ma butjabeun du soneul Eotteon baramdo uril ttenael sun eopseo Neoeui modeun sungan Eoduun bame tto ichyeojyeo beoril kkumcheoreom Byeori jilkka duryeowo ha ah Neol noheul su eopseo ha ah Jabeun soneul notji ma

  • jesica hutagaol
    jesica hutagaol8 дней назад

    SOTY >

  • 장유희
    장유희9 дней назад

    이 노래 좋다

  • wfk jiho
    wfk jiho9 дней назад

    Seems like the composer is a fan of seola :)

  • yfero059
    yfero05910 дней назад

    this song is amazing!

  • jared 2018
    jared 201810 дней назад

    They all have great voices..but Dawon will always be my favorite..

  • Madhurima Gupta
    Madhurima Gupta12 дней назад


  • jess jasmine
    jess jasmine12 дней назад

    All their vocal amazed me..fighting WJSN..

  • Ngô Tổng
    Ngô Tổng12 дней назад

    Eunseo ❤

  • I B
    I B14 дней назад

    seola 😢

  • Heyho Joe
    Heyho Joe15 дней назад

    Please WJSN do song like exo-miracle in December!!! I think WJSN the only group that can make it :') pleaseeee

  • Brenda B.A.B
    Brenda B.A.B15 дней назад

    I love them WJSN!

  • 박지효DR-H
    박지효DR-H15 дней назад

    This is the best song I've heard currently this year. it makes me emotional whenever I listen to it. I recommend this song could be a OST in a kdrama. :)

  • 陆璟
    陆璟16 дней назад

    Never forget you,my stars😭

  • Jin Kwon
    Jin Kwon16 дней назад

    YeoReum did well, so proud of.

  • wfk jiho

    wfk jiho

    6 дней назад

    only had one line tho :(

  • NPWS
    NPWS17 дней назад


  • Liti Toma
    Liti Toma18 дней назад

    Ugh this song already good and then there's rap part arghhh starship let exy sing pliss... and don't put a rap part in likes this song...

  • Martining Martining
    Martining Martining18 дней назад

    Wjsn voice

  • yfero059
    yfero05918 дней назад

    This song is everything OMG i love this song so much and i just heard two times. OMG WJSN THE BEST.

  • Ruth Sanz
    Ruth Sanz19 дней назад

    Perfectas 😭💗🌸

  • Bucin Drachin
    Bucin Drachin19 дней назад


  • Parya Abbs
    Parya Abbs20 дней назад

    I love it😍

  • ilikeutube
    ilikeutube20 дней назад

    This is ballad of the year so far sorry others but this is superior I've listened to this at least 2 times a day if not much more since the album dropped I can't get enough of the melody

  • Indah Azhari
    Indah Azhari20 дней назад

    WJSN is full of talent !! STAN WJSN FOREVER

  • Rhiiyoo Biersack Lucker Sykes
    Rhiiyoo Biersack Lucker Sykes20 дней назад

    gw ga mo banyak komen,,,pokoknya buat gw KALIAN yg TERBAIK!!!. & gw bangga dgn kalian semua❤️🥰

  • Luiza H
    Luiza H20 дней назад

    Eu não sei por em palavras o quanto essa música é linda e o quanto eu amo cada uma dessas vozes, meu deus Literalmente arrepios, orgulho de ser Ujung

  • Rome
    Rome21 день назад

    From start to end this song holds a lot of power. It's very powerful and can make you emotional without the need of knowing the lyrics. The instrumental makes it even better paired along with there beautiful voices.

  • tansnkura
    tansnkura21 день назад

    Exy is my bias and her raps are soo good.

  • Lidya Astria
    Lidya Astria21 день назад

    Seola is my favoriteeee🥰♥️

  • Ayu Umala Sari
    Ayu Umala Sari21 день назад


  • 남은치킨
    남은치킨21 день назад

    울지마요!!! ㅠㅠ

  • 남은치킨
    남은치킨21 день назад

    YES! I'm crying!... BUT YOU'RE CRYING MORE!!!! T-T

  • 남은치킨
    남은치킨21 день назад

    The perfect ending to a wonderful album! I love it!

  • pheonix ss
    pheonix ss22 дня назад

    dayoung shines so much in this song

  • 차승리
    차승리22 дня назад

    ⭐💖 LUDA

  • Rhey Miko de Lota
    Rhey Miko de Lota22 дня назад


  • Arblascht
    Arblascht22 дня назад

    What's the English title for thing song?

  • Arblascht


    21 день назад

    @남은치킨 thanks!

  • 남은치킨


    21 день назад

    Rewind :D

  • wuuujuuu
    wuuujuuu22 дня назад

    i always say wjsn got five main vocals because seola and dayoung sound like main to me

  • Andito Toshiro
    Andito Toshiro22 дня назад

    Too bad they didn't do Super Moon too

  • Maurício Cardoso
    Maurício Cardoso22 дня назад

    Que coisa mais linda!!! 😭😍💖

  • Shiny Shownu
    Shiny Shownu22 дня назад


  • basira javadi
    basira javadi23 дня назад

    Omg seola killed it

  • basira javadi
    basira javadi23 дня назад

    What i mean when i say they have best vocals in kpop industry

  • Keira Chanelle Cristobal
    Keira Chanelle Cristobal23 дня назад

    Seola: Soprano Bona: Alto Exy: Alto Soobin: Soprano Luda: Alto Dawon: Soprano Eunseo: Alto Yeoreum: Soprano Dayoung: Soprano Yeonjung: Soprano I love their beautiful voices best ballad ever! Ujung! Seola Xuan Yi Bona Exy Soobin Luda Dawon Eunseo Mei Qi Yeoreum Cheng Xiao Dayoung Yeonjung

  • zhaooozo yuki
    zhaooozo yuki23 дня назад


  • Jee Eun Kim
    Jee Eun Kim23 дня назад


  • junho Gain
    junho Gain23 дня назад

    너무좋다 노래!

  • mytone bernardino
    mytone bernardino23 дня назад

    this is perfect for a kdrama ost

  • Melanie Agravante
    Melanie Agravante23 дня назад

    wjsn a vocal group.

  • Murni Jjang
    Murni Jjang24 дня назад

    Their vocals😭

  • 알아한국어엩
    알아한국어엩24 дня назад

    فانزه جديده الكوم 💜

  • sseolAbn
    sseolAbn24 дня назад

    Listening to this before sleeping feels different

  • Angie Angie
    Angie Angie24 дня назад

    Balling my eyes out then exy’s rap comes up💀

  • Zaen Huda
    Zaen Huda24 дня назад

    Seola 🤍

  • ฮา กิน ซี้น Haa kin zeen
    ฮา กิน ซี้น Haa kin zeen24 дня назад

    👌 perfect

  • 눈
    24 дня назад

    Yeoreum is so beautiful that's all i have to say

  • 권윤아
    권윤아24 дня назад


  • Kishore Kutty
    Kishore Kutty24 дня назад


  • 박은진
    박은진24 дня назад


  • 고목천년
    고목천년24 дня назад

    오늘도 다시 듣고 간다. 비 오는 날 들으니 더 감성적 ㅠㅜ

  • The 'N'
    The 'N'24 дня назад

    💖💘👍👍👍 rise WJSN just like ur name imply hehe ♡

  • 삐약삐약
    삐약삐약24 дня назад

    다원이 목소리 넘나리 조차나 ㅠㅠㅠ

  • Callista Zara Aurelia
    Callista Zara Aurelia24 дня назад

    Oooh! This one's pretty calm

  • Uriah Rodrigez
    Uriah Rodrigez24 дня назад

    Goodbye OST13 😭

  • Mèo Oggy
    Mèo Oggy24 дня назад

    I don't understand why didn't starship give EXY a Singing Part instead of Rap? I really like this song but her rap part doesn't match well

  • No ju
    No ju24 дня назад

    Wjsn serve their vocal and visual. I'm gonna faint.

  • didi
    didi24 дня назад

    I love Rewind so muchhhh

  • Sellennaaa
    Sellennaaa24 дня назад

    Seola's voice ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • orbit blink ujung
    orbit blink ujung24 дня назад

    Las amo con todo mi corazón

  • Fariha Priya
    Fariha Priya24 дня назад

    Can we talk about how dawon vocal quickly twitched in 3:17. I got chills of how many her vocal control is.

  • MODERATOR 『속도』 Tempo
    MODERATOR 『속도』 Tempo25 дней назад

    This song is priceless. Could not even speak during the video.

  • Little Attic
    Little Attic25 дней назад

    김설아 임다영 득음하다...

  • Ignatius Gseus
    Ignatius Gseus25 дней назад

    That girl juling and jaik gamal just like taeyeon

  • sseolAbn
    sseolAbn25 дней назад

    Bona vocal is really good, btw WJSN is really a good both in singing and dancing!

  • Tusty Kurnia Faradilla
    Tusty Kurnia Faradilla25 дней назад

    I wish I can hear Meiqi sings this song 😭💖 I miss hearing her voice

  • 남은치킨


    21 день назад

    Meiqi's voice is like butter! :D I miss her and her voice

  • 보통사람
    보통사람25 дней назад

    어휴 수빈이 때문에 힘드네 너~어 심장 폭행범

  • sorynton
    sorynton25 дней назад

    Extremely beautiful, and extremely emotional. I honestly like it quite a bit more than their title track.

  • Karen sofia Quinto cuesta
    Karen sofia Quinto cuesta25 дней назад


  • ploy_ chami
    ploy_ chami25 дней назад


  • サナトロ丼
    サナトロ丼25 дней назад

    우주소녀 사랑해요♥♥♥♥

  • Angelica
    Angelica25 дней назад

    Wow Starship Planet has it all! More success to the artists .

  • shaki
    shaki25 дней назад

    i almost cried

  • Mandi 4
    Mandi 425 дней назад

    This is truly a masterpiece It's perfect!

  • 요니
    요니25 дней назад

    오래오래 보자 하루의 시작과 끝에서도 언제든지

  • aten chiha
    aten chiha25 дней назад

    Wow :) ;)

  • Pufulica Erika
    Pufulica Erika25 дней назад

    💔 Love WJSN

  • steven singal
    steven singal25 дней назад

    다영이가 이렇게 노래를 잘했나 ㅎ 좋쿠나~

  • acquaintance
    acquaintance25 дней назад

    hyunjung ah 😭♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️ wjsn

  • Doo Pet
    Doo Pet25 дней назад

    I love all member voice

  • Doo Pet
    Doo Pet25 дней назад

    Ahh fav song